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Streaming music. Lifelike sound.

CDs. DAB+/FM/AM radio. And the vast universe of streaming music?millions of songs, thousands of Internet radio stations, popular services like Pandora. Enjoy it all with the rich, room-filling sound of the Wave SoundTouch? music system. This small, versatile, one-piece system fits in just about anywhere around your home where you want to enjoy your music?living room, kitchen, bedroom. If you have a home Wi-Fi network, you have everything you need. Just a few quick steps and your music is available at the touch of a button on the included remote.

  • Lifelike, room-filling sound for DAB+/FM/AM radio, CDs, streaming, and stored music
  • Your existing home Wi-Fi network is all you need
  • Waveguide speaker technology delivers deep, high-performance sound
  • Free SoundTouch? app for your computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • Dual independent alarms add an option of different wakeup times

High-performance sound

The Wave SoundTouch? system features the legendary performance of the award-winning Wave music system. Patented waveguide speaker technology delivers clear, size-defying sound you won?t expect from a system this size.

Elegant simplicity

Just plug in the system and you’re ready to go. The touch-top controls for on/off/snooze are completely invisible. Regular or home-burned CDs/MP3 CDs load directly into the front, eliminating moving CD shelves or doors. This system fits virtually anywhere in your home.

Wake up to the convenience

Addicted to snooze control? We’ve made it easy enough to trigger in your sleep. When the alarm or music comes on, just tap the top of your WaveSoundTouch? music system. No remotes or buttons to locate. And our dual independent alarms let early birds rise without having to reset the wake-up time for a late-sleeping partner. Nice. And practical.

Ease of use

The advanced DAB+/FM/AM tuner delivers better radio reception. More song and station information now appears on the large visual display, with adjustable brightness and automatic nighttime dimming.

A slim infrared remote control lets you conveniently operate all system functions from anywhere in the room. You can instantly access your favorite stations with six DAB, six FM and six AM presets, and even move through your iTunes or Internet radio playlists with certain custom packages.

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