Bose SoundDock Portable and SoundLink Car Charger


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This car charger uses a 12V power outlet commonly found in vehicles.
  • Charges from the standard 12V power
  • Simultaneously play music
  • Fits conveniently

  • ?It lets you play music and charge your SoundDock Portable digital music system, SoundLink? Air digital music system, or SoundLink? Wireless Mobile speaker.
  • You can also charge an iPod? or iPhone? if it?s docked in your SoundDock Portable system.


Charges from the standard 12V power outlet commonly found in cars, trucks, and RVs
Lets you simultaneously play music, charge the system battery and charge a docked iPod or iPhone
Fits conveniently in the top of the optional?Bose? travel bag?or a vehicle’s glove compartment


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