Bose CineMate 120 home theater system


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A small speaker that comes up big

Looks can be deceiving, especially when it?s a soundbar speaker that measures less than a foot and a half. But give it a listen, and you?ll find the CineMate? 120 system packs a lot of punch into its space-saving frame. (It fits in nicely with your HDTV, too.) It?s a great choice for an average-sized living room, bedroom, or fan cave. You?ll enjoy the detailed sound, spaciousness, and a level of performance that belies the speaker?s size. A wireless Acoustimass? module adds emphatic bass for your movies, music, and sports. A small control console and universal remote are also included.

  • Robust sound from a compact soundbar?(17?)?with TrueSpace? technology
  • Wireless Acoustimass module?can be placed out of sight in your room
  • Small?control console?with 4 HDMI? inputs, display for source selection
  • Wireless music streaming ? Internet radio, music services (Spotify?, Pandora?, others), and your own music library with the optional SoundTouch? adapter. Can be part of a whole-home music network
  • Universal remote?controls system and most connected components

The sound stands out. The speaker fits in.

Inside the compact speaker enclosure are five precisely positioned, powerful drivers that are aided by TrueSpace technology. Couple that with the resonant bass provided by the Acoustimass module, and you?ll hear a compelling level of sound and spaciousness. All without a slew of wires snaking across your room.

Notable bass performance

The soundbar takes center stage, but the wireless Acoustimass module does plenty of work behind the scenes. It adds dramatic low notes to all your entertainment?without adding a cable connection from the module to the speaker. With a signal range of 30?, you can place it pretty much anywhere in the room, even out of sight.

Sound designed for your room

Wood floors, plush rugs, unique room dimensions. Believe it or not, they can all affect the sound. That?s where the ADAPTiQ? audio calibration system comes in. It adjusts the speaker?s performance to the acoustics of your room, so you don?t have to change a thing. Once you’ve placed your speaker, just run the ADAPTiQ system and enjoy consistent performance throughout the room from then on.

Streaming music with SoundTouch?

Another great feature you can enjoy with the CineMate 120 home theater system? Streaming music over your Wi-Fi? network. With an optional Wi-Fi adapter, you can discover and enjoy music more effortlessly than ever before. Wirelessly stream 20,000 Internet radio stations from around the world, songs and playlists from a personal music library, and popular music services like Deezer and Spotify?. It?s all available via your home Wi-Fi network. The system also works with other SoundTouch? systems to create a multi-room listening experience. In party mode, these systems work together as one to play music everywhere. Stream different music in different rooms, play the same music in every room or create customized zones.