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Bose Bluetooth Headset (Available for ‘Left ear’ only)

  • Exclusive Bose? technology keeps incoming voice level above the noise around you so you can hear your call better
  • The noise-rejecting microphone allows the person on the other end to hear more of your voice
  • Proprietary StayHear? tip provides comfort and stability: no ear hook needed
  • Simple, convenient controls make it easy to answer calls
  • Rechargeable battery for up to 4 1/2 hours of talk time, 175 hours of standby time

The first?Bluetooth?headset from Bose?does what others can’t: It lets you hear and be heard, even as noise levels around you change. No matter where you are?busy street, crowded lobby, airport terminal?your conversation won’t suffer. The unusually light and compact headset, with its proprietary StayHear ear tip, also provides comfort and stability while you’re on the go. And simple, intuitive controls make it easy to take calls.

“Can you hear me now?” Yes. Finally. The Bose?Bluetooth?headset dramatically reduces interruptions like “What?” and “Say it again?” from your mobile phone conversations. Finally, you’re much less likely to miss important parts of the call when background noise gets loud.

Our advanced technology automatically senses noise around you and adjusts the headset volume accordingly. In a loud environment, the volume increases so you can hear your call. When things quiet down, the volume decreases. Either way, the listening level remains constant, even as noise conditions change. All the while, the Bose TriPort??acoustic structure ensures a natural voice quality, whatever the volume level.

You’ll sound better, too The person on the other end hears you better as well. The headset’s noise-rejecting microphone differentiates between your voice and background noise and transmits more of you (and less noise) to the listener. With technologies that accentuate voices over noise, the Bose?Bluetooth?headset allows for more natural-sounding conversations with less effort and frustration?at both ends of the line.

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