Blustream HDMIM Micro-Form HDMI Cable


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  • Discrete design for tight spaces and compact installations
  • Transmit all video resolutions up to and including 4K
  • High Speed with Ethernet
  • 3D Compatible
  • Deep Colour
  • 32 AWG

Our Micro-Form HDMI cable transmits all video resolutions up to and including 4K.

The Micro-Form HDMI cable is available in lengths of 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, and 2m.

The Micro-Form HDMI Adapter Cable is a perfect male to female adapter for hard to reach HDMI sockets.

Available Lengths
HDMIMF-0.1 Micro Form HDMI Adapter Cable – 0.1m (Male to Female)
HDMIM-0.5 Micro Form HDMI Cable – 0.5m
HDMIM-1 Micro Form HDMI Cable – 1m
HDMIM-1.5 Micro Form HDMI Cable – 1.5m
HDMIM-2 Micro Form HDMI Cable – 2m

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