Blackbox C20 Active Noise Cancelling Earphones With Telephony

Active Noise-Cancellation and Intelligent Electronics ? the Blackbox? Difference starts with our passion to deliver sound as you expect to hear it.
  • Made for iPhone
  • Made for iPad
  • Active Noise Rejection? technology


  • This eliminating most typical background noise found in environments such as transit vehicles, trains, and aircraft cabins ? even the distraction of busy office environments. Our smart engineering also eliminates the discomfort of mobile phone signal interference to your music.
  • ANR? Active Noise Rejection? technology and full-size neodymium magnets, accurately deliver hi-fidelity sound from your personal music source, providing deep bass, clear vocals, and natural highs. Ergonomically sculpted earpieces fit comfortably within the ear, ensuring the very best in personal listening performance, especially when mobile. Up to 50 hours of power is efficiently delivered by a single battery concealed within a slimline control unit, that clips securely and unobtrusively. Includes slim-line, hard-sided carry case to protect device when not in use.
  • ANR? Active Noise Rejection? technology is the smart stuff embedded within every Blackbox? product. Using the signal received from microphones within Blackbox? headphones and earphones ANR? constantly monitors and analyses sound entering the ear canal and compares this sound signal to that which is coming from the original audio source.
  • Reading the differences in each of the two streams of sound waves, ANR? generates ?anti-waves? of sound, to suppress and largely cancel-out the unwanted, external noise entering the ear canal. An observable comparison would be for example, when ocean waves roll against a seawall or dockside and then bounce back out, subduing the continuing series of incoming waves.
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