Airpulse A300Pro Active Speakers


Airpulse A300Pro Active Speakers

The Airpulse A300Pro is the sort of active speaker system normally found in a recording or mastering studio. When used in this way the A300Pro’s are hard wired via RCA or XLR cables directly to the mixing console as monitor speakers. Fortunately for us, Airpulse have included a welcome wrinkle that helps make them a true domestic speaker as well, with studio monitor speaker performance.

As well as the hard wired option, which is not very user friendly in the home, there is also the wireless option which is extremely useful in the home. When connected via AUX, USB, Optical, Coaxial or Bluetooth the speaker system operates as a normal active speaker system, except there are no wires between the speakers which is extremely liberating, especially for those with anti hi-fi objects like fireplaces slap bang in between their speakers. All you need is a power point available for each speaker and you’re good to go.

Performance is studio quality which considering the size of the cabinets is slightly bonkers. It beggars belief that you can get this much sound and this much versatility from a speaker system so compact in size and at such a reasonable price. Make sure you experience the Airpulse A300Pro active speaker system for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.


Airpulse A300Pro Active Speakers

This is the first pair of active speakers we have encountered at anywhere near this price which are fully active for the left and right channels. Most “active speakers” have a main speaker which has the amplification inside and the inputs on the back linked by speaker cable to a slave speaker which looks the same from the front but has only the speaker cable connector on the rear.

The Airpulse A300Pro’s are more like studio quality active speakers. In fact, that is one of the specific use scenarios they are aimed at where the mixing console is connected directly to each speaker via single ended RCA or, preferably, balanced XLR cables.

This “studio quality” was immediately apparent when we auditioned them instore and it was plain to hear the A300Pro’s offered professional performance in a very user friendly size with an equally user friendly price.

The Airpulse A300Pro Active Speaker System is finished with a conservatively elegant satin lacquer cherry wood veneer. Sonically, it has the same horn-loaded aluminium ribbon tweeter as the A300, but with an improved 6.5″ aluminium cone, low distortion woofer. The Airpulse A300Pro features a completely symmetrical layout and has the same power supply and amplifiers in the left speaker and the right speaker. Each speaker has an internal 150W high-efficiency, low-ripple switching power supply.

Using a Texas Instruments TPA3251 digital power amplifier, each cabinet has a woofer output power of no less than 120 Watts and a tweeter output of 10 Watts. The speakers also use the XMOS xCore200 multi-core processor and Texas Instruments TLV320AIC3268 digital processor. The interconnection of the left and right speaker uses KleerNet wireless transmission technology. It uses a Qualcomm QCC3031 series 5.0 Bluetooth chipset and supports the aptX HD high-fidelity codec, so that Bluetooth technology can be used with minimal signal loss. The Airpulse A300Pro cabinet is constructed with 1″ high-strength MDF, and to ensure optimal signal transmission, Airpulse uses Transparent Cable internal wiring.

Cabinet Construction: The construction of the 1″ (25mm) thick high strength fibreboard cabinets with strategically placed internal bracing lays down the foundation for solid sound quality. The interior is also lined with a 1.4″ (36mm) thick professional wave-absorbing material to enhance the absorption of excess standing waves.

6.5″ Aluminium Cone Low-Distortion Mid-Woofer: A300Pro’s 6.5″ (165mm) woofer uses a high-strength magnesium-aluminium diaphragm and an underhung magnetic circuit design. It is supported by a 2″ (51mm) diameter voice coil and an oversized, high-energy magnet. Combined with a cleverly designed heat dissipation mechanism, this woofer exhibits low distortion and a high level of dynamics, delivering clean low frequencies that are richly detailed and deeply extended.

Horn Loaded Ribbon Tweeter: Airpulse’s unique horn-loaded aluminium ribbon tweeter in the A300Pro delivers sound to every corner of a wide space with airy and harmonically pleasing high frequency musical notes. This even distribution mode is not affected by the reflection characteristics of the room, so that the high frequencies are more articulate and three-dimensional.

Built-in Amp & Multiple Inputs: A300Pro features both wireless and hard wired connections. In wireless mode, AUX, USB, Optical, Coaxial and Bluetooth input methods are available. These inputs are connected to one speaker and wirelessly transmitted to the other speaker. This configuration is most commonly used in a typical home stereo listening environment.

In wired mode, XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced input methods can be used. This configuration is most commonly used in either a home or professional studio environment.

Wireless Left & Right Speaker Connection: There is no need for any complicated setup settings for the A300Pro wireless speakers. The left and right speakers were pre-paired before leaving the factory. They will be in wireless connection mode when both speakers are power on and the red indicators on both speakers light up constantly. Just place the speakers at the front of the room to the left and right with the ribbon tweeters at ear level to hear just how good this wireless powered system can sound.

Texas Instruments: Besides the audio front end components, the core signal processing is built on an XMOS xCore200 multi-core processor and a Texas Instruments TLV320AIC3268 DSP chip. Class D amplifiers used inside the speakers are Texas Instruments TPA3251.

Proprietary Synchronization Technology: Wireless signal distribution between left and right speakers is built on the microchip’s proprietary technology known as KleerNet. The radio is transmitted over the 5.2 and 5.8 GHz spectrums, and with a 22 MHz radio bandwidth, the technology works to deliver lossless audio signal transmission. Besides the pair-used left-and-right wireless stereo scenarios, the system offers an independent left and right configuration, just as traditional monitor speakers, which are often seen to be used with mixing consoles in recording studios. A300Pro features both a symmetrical acoustic and electrical design, and both left and right speakers are active.

Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX HD: The Bluetooth audio receiver is built using the QCC3031 from Qualcomm, which is a Bluetooth 5.0 chipset with the aptX HD high-fidelity codec. It can offer a much better audio playback experience than the traditional Bluetooth SBC audio. Airpulse A300Pro also offers a USB digital audio interface which supports UAC2 digital audio application. An ASIO audio drive is provided to enable Windows users to have a high-quality low latency signal path out.

Transparent Speaker Cable: No detail was left unattended in the Airpulse A300Pro which is wired with Transparent Cable. Transparent is a high end US cable brand used here for internal wiring connections to ensure maximum accuracy in signal transmission.

Take Control of Your Sound: The A300Pro comes with a wireless remote control used for taking control of your sound. You can switch between inputs, change volume, mute the sound and turn the whole speaker system on or off easily from the comfort of your seat. Bass & Treble can be adjusted remotely when using the AUX, USB, Optical, Coaxial and Bluetooth inputs.

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Weight 30000 g
Dimensions 350 × 225 × 385 mm

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: Remote Control Powered Speakers with Analogue & Digital connections
  • Tweeter: Horn Loaded Aluminium Folded Ribbon Tweeter
  • Mid-Woofer: 6.5 inch (165mm) Aluminium Cone Mid-Woofer
  • Amplifier System: Digital Amplifier with Xmos Processor
  • Power Output: Tweeter L/R: 10W + 10W, Mid-Woofer L/R: 120W + 120W
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz – 40KHz
  • Signal-Noise Ratio: ≥90dB(A)
  • Connections (Wireless Transmission)
    • Aux Stereo Analogue RCA input
    • USB-B Digital input (supports up to 192 kHz sample rate)
    • Optical Digital input (supports up to 192 kHz sample rate)
    • Coaxial Digital input (supports up to 192 kHz sample rate)
    • Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX
  • Connections (Hard Wired Only)
    • RCA Single Ended Analogue Inputs (Left & Right)
    • XLR Balanced Analogue Inputs (Left & Right)
  • Power: IEC power socket on each speaker (both speakers need to be powered)
  • Rear Panel Controls: On/Off, Volume, Bass, Treble, Input Selection
  • Remote Controls: On/Off, Input Selection, Volume Up/Down, Mute, Bass & Treble (available remotely on AUX, USB, Optical, Coaxial & Bluetooth)
  • Input Sensitivity
    • RCA: 700 ± 50mV
    • Balanced: 1,100 ± 50mV
    • AUX: 700 ± 50mV
    • USB: 550 ± 50mFFs
    • Optical: 500 ± 50mFFs
    • Coaxial: 500 ± 50mFFs
    • Bluetooth: 500 ± 50mFFs
  • Hyper-Rigid Cast-Magnesium Alloy Frame Woofer
  • Internal Wiring by Transparent Cable
  • 25mm thick high strength MDF with Satin Lacquer Finish
  • Qualcomm’s Bluetooth V5.0 chipset
  • Included Accessories: Remote control, 2 RCA to 2 RCA analogue audio cable, USB connecting cable, Optical digital audio cable, 2 x Power cables, User manual
  • Available Finishes: Satin Lacquer Cherry Wood
  • Cabinet Size (WxHxD): 225 x 385 x 350mm each
  • Weight: 25.6kg
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 3 Years


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