Accent Acoustics iBT1 Bluetooth Adapter

Accent Acoustics

Convert any Apple 30 pin dock to Bluetooth with a converter from Pacific Hi-Fi and Accent Acoustics.
  • True plug and play
  • Gloss Black finish
  • 10 Meter transmission distance
  • Bluetooth LED for status indication
  • Change any dock to a Bluetooth compatible device
  • Integrated design, no power supply needed
  • True plug and play
  • Bluetooth LED for status indication
  • Bluetooth on/off button
  • Gloss Black finish
  • 10 Meter transmission distance


Accent Acoustics iBT1 Bluetooth Adapter – Bluetooth Adapter for Apple 30pin products

The problem with upgrading to the latest generation Apple iPods, iPhones, or even a Samsung S4 or HTC One is that they won’t fit on your old Bose Sound Dock or any of the other fabulous Docks that you have spent so much money on.

The solution:- Of course, virtually all those devices have Bluetooth and Accent Acoustics’ iBT1 Bluetooth adapter will convert the old 30 pins Apple compatible docks into a “new” Bluetooth Dock.

Just plug the Accent Acoustics iBt1 into your favorite dock! It’s that simple.

Yes, you can still be charging your new iPhone, Samsung, or HTC and still be listening to your favorite music using the Accent Acoustics iBt1.

We are sure that you will be happy with the Accent Acoustics iBt1. Use it with your Aktimates, Zeppelins, Bose, Sangean, Sound cast, or any of the hundreds of Apple comparable docking solutions.

Do you hate having to give up your phone when using a speaker dock? As time goes on the mobile phone is performing more of our daily tasks than just the odd text. Chances are it’s your music playback device too so you know that lost feeling when you don?t have it in arms reach. This is the tough choice you make when surrendering your phone to a speaker dock…but why should you?

Bluetooth audio streaming is now possible from any existing iPod dock with the iBT1. You will no longer need to sacrifice your handset to the docking station when playing your favorite music, so you can continue texting, gaming, tweeting, or anything else you love doing with your phone.
The iBT1 is also compatible with the iPhone 5 so you can still utilize the older iPhone/iPod connectors. This means if you have one or more speaker docks around that won?t fit your iPhone lighting connector, look no further as this unit will keep your favorite music playing without missing a beat.

Android users, are you surrounded by devices that jumped ship on USB in favor of iPhone connectors? This one’s for you too, the iBT1 has a sweet tooth so your jellybeans and ice cream sandwiches are all invited to the party.

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