Home Theatre Installations

Home Theater System and Home Cinema System Installations

You can trust our trained team at Pacific Hi Fi to install your Home Theatre and audio video system correctly  the first time! To the untrained, connecting up all the components of a Home Theatre System can be quite daunting. No matter how complicated your system is, let our trained and professional installers do it all for you.

For the absolute best sound & picture,  the Pacific Hi Fi installation team will recommend:

  • The right place to locate all your speakers and equipment
  • The correct cables for improved picture & sound
  • Ventilation and cooling to ensure your equipment does not overheat
  • Power Protection Systems, to protect your equipment from the dangers of power surges and
  • The best method to distribute sound and vision throughout your home or office

With the aid of the latest calibration equipment, we’ll make sure that your Home Theatre System delivers an “Academy Performance” everytime.

Ask our installers to show you the one remote that is right for your system. Replace up to 20 remote controls with one easy to use hand held control.

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