Home & Office Cabling and Pre-wire Installation

  • Are you building or renovating your Home?
  • Do you want your house to be a Smart House?
  • Is your House Ready for the Future?
  • What about the NBN?

You need to call in the trained experts at Pacific Hi Fi to consult and design a solution for you.

Our continued association and Certified Qualifications with the industry’s leading trade and training organisations, including CEDIA & BICSI, ensure that the team at Pacific Hi Fi are right up to date with the latest that technology has to offer, both today and for the future.

What is “Smart Home Cabling”?

Well, it’s a whole lot more than you imagined. When the Team at Pacific Hi Fi design a tailored solution for you, you could be enjoying:

  • Both Free To Air & Pay TV in every room
  • Your favouritee AM or Dab+  & FM radio station in every room
  • Full Audiophile Stereo & Surround sound in every room
  • Mp3s in any room
  • Internet connection shared to every room
  • Printing to a central printer
  • Computer, data & telecommunications available to every room
  • Answer your front door on any phone, including your mobile phone
  • Lighting control just the way you want it.

With so many Electronic Entertainment and Smart Home options available, you’ll appreciate the way the team at Pacific Hi Fi can make it easier for you.

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